Ability to delete a project and associated tasks?



Is it possible to delete one project and all the associated tasks?
I know I can select all the tasks, then delete them, then delete the project, but I’m looking for a quicker way to do that. I’m thinking for instance in an option giving the choice to delete the project only, or also the tasks inside.

Thank you


Hi @Julien_RENAUD :wave:t3:

You’re right, as it stand when deleting a project, deleted tasks will stil be available in https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/actions#gl-undelete-task; while if you manually delete tasks (permanently) before deleting the project, tasks won’t be searchable or available in the “Deleted Items” section of your sidebar.

I don’t think we have plans to change this behaviour in the near future, but we will surely evaluate this option for future improvements!