Ability to create multiple blank Subtasks by pressing Enter disappeared



From a Parent Task, once a single Subtask was created, you could press enter and create as many Subtasks as you’d like. Now you are limited to one blank task after a Subtask that has content in it. It turned out to be a widely used feature in our teams. Over 75% of our internal members use this feature. Would be nice to have it back and/or understand why it was deprecated.




I am just curious, what did you use it for?


If you just type one space in the subtask’s name field after you create it, that will allow you to create multiple seemingly-blank subtasks just as before.

The reason for the change is that Asana found that because it’s so easy to accidentally create a blank task - for example, if you just hit “Enter” after you type a task’s name, which is a not-uncommon reflex, then you’ve accidentally created a new task - they wanted to take some steps to cut down the number of blank subtasks.

(Just search for “blank task” here in the forum and you’ll find a number of threads where people are complaining about “why do I have all of these inadvertent blank subtasks?!?!?” :slight_smile: )