Ability to create custom status and use them in Reports

While Asana does offer a good amount of statuses, but would be incredible if there was a feature that allowed you to create a custom status. Something we are struggling with currently are easily identifying customers who have churned within our Asana projects without having to use outside reporting other than Asana to cross reference which is extremely manual. If there was a way to create a custom status, our team would be able to easily label churned customers (among other statuses we would deem helpful) to be able to easily obtain data on these customers.

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You might wanna have a look at this recommendation: Custom Status Updates - #2 by lpb


Yeah I did already see that post! Thank you for the suggestion. I do mean the status as a whole not just a special field though. One that would show when pulling reports that show different status colors on the report.

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Ah okay I see
Makes sense :slight_smile:


Had you already ruled out using a custom chart either via a project’s Dashboard or via Universal Reporting? You could then click on the chart to be taken automatically to an advanced search result of the data underlying the part of the chart you clicked.

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