Ability to create and save sorted task lists



I would like to create a number of view of a projects task lists for my team members to select from, without they themselves having to select the sort.

For example, I have a project where we constantly pivot from a view by assignee and views based on custom fields. In my ideal user experience, I as the project administrator could create the views of the task lists, save them with a custom name, and have them available for team members to easily select.


Hi @KenL

I might have misunderstood this one but I can’t see the advantage of having multiple versions of a project, each with different views, as opposed to easily switching between views within a single project. The latter option seems cleaner and simpler, and saves sidebar real estate.

Could you maybe explain it a bit further? :slight_smile:


Yeah, unless the view options get more complex, I can’t see how saving certain ones would save any more time than them switching it themselves.

Now, @KenL, you can save views and sorts within those views if that helps. Then you can rename them and share with others (hyperlinking them too like a project).