Ability to create a 'focus list' for work I plan to do today (even better if can link to calendar)


Sometimes just the number of project and tasks can be a bit overwhelming. That’s always been my experience with task management software.

Some software I’ve used in the past has had a ‘focus list’ where you can select some of your tasks or a project and their details will be pulled into a new filter that can be the workspace for that day.

This way, I can set priorities in the morning and not get distracted/overwhelmed by the rest.

What would be even better is if this could also be linked to G-Calendar so that I could block out time for certain tasks or projects in calendar view. That would make optimising time management so much easier.

Anyway, I hope you like the idea and run with it. I’d be thrilled if that sort of feature was implemented and I think others would like it too



Hi @ Samuel_Lee-Gammage

I work my priorities with a project called Kanban.
It is just a project with a predefined view in dashboard mode.

I also have a project called Focus, as you indicate and another called Radar.

It is my “Work Project”, something similar to a “Today” or the “Featured Tasks” view in many productivity applications.

My “Kanban” project in dashboard mode consists of these slots:

Next up
Priority Request
Work in Progress

In addition to the “Kanban” project, I have a project called “Focus”

My Focus project is a list with exactly the same Slots as the Kanban project

I also have another project called “Radar” with issues that I don’t want to lose track of.

Everything in “Focus” is in Kanban “so that I can focus on my” Kanban "job board with the assurance that I will complete what my attention requires.

As Asana allows adding several projects to the same task, I simply make sure that when in Kanban I move a “Focus” task to a new slot, I also move it to the corresponding slot in Focus, I don’t know if I explain myself, it’s easier than it seems I will give some example.

The tasks that I have in the Radar project, are NOT usually in Kanban since Radar is just a project of things that I don’t want to overlook. When they require action, I move them to Focus or Kanban as necessary.

If a task belongs to a specific project, for example … software implementation on client x, and that task requires special attention, apart from being in its main project, I also add it to Radar, Focus or Kanban as necessary .

Any questions I will be happy to help.

Thanks very much, I’ll give that a try.



Any questions, please let me know.