Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section


Task actions: create, move, duplicate, and more | Product guide • Asana Product Guide :slight_smile:

None of the workarounds will work for me so I guess I’ll have to use Trello for this.

Has any progress been made on adding this feature? It would be very helpful as none of the workarounds work for me either.

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Still no news about this feature? It seems like such a basic function, really surprised by this.

@Emily_Roman any updates?

Is there no way to select multiple tasks and copy and paste them in the list view? I’m trying to do that now since the Board view column duplication is not a thing yet. I’m having to manually duplicate 22 tasks that repeat monthly.

You can multi-select them, multi-home them in an empty project, and duplicate the project :+1:
(and then move them wherever you want, and delete the project)

Its been a little while since anyone has requested an update on this feature request? I’m wondering if there has been any progress as yet :crossed_fingers:
We have a large number of new projects rolling out soon and it would be great to be able to reassure the team this major time saver is on its way. :pray:


Is it possible yet to duplicate a column? I am creating a board with multiple initiatives - each initiative has it’s own column. Each initiative requires the same tasks. I would like to create a column of tasks for the first initiative and then duplicate it for the rest of the initiatives (could be 15 initiatives on this board).

Hi! If you select a few tasks in a section in the List view and then copy them (just with Ctrl+C) and paste into another section, they will appear as a list. It will be just tasks with same names though - fields, description etc. are not copied this way, but maybe it solves the need :slight_smile:
I agree though that it would definitely be useful to have a feature to duplicate columns/sections with all the properties of tasks, and within a project - not as a new project via templates :slight_smile:

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There are existing thread on the topic, just use the search

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Six months later and Monday is still the more mature product. Asana has some great, advanced features, but lacks very basic functions – such a strange combination. The worse part is how unresponsive they are to customer feedback.

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I am trying to find a way to copy a “section” and all of it’s tasks over and over again. I use asana for my photography client organizing. I need the ‘timeline’ view. I want to make a section be indvidual clients. Then the tasks within the section are the editing/ordering steps (assigned to my staff) that are linked together in order to make sure the clients orders get processed in time. I am trying to create and use a template of the ‘section’ and be able to use it over and over. I am open to whatever way this needs to be to accomplish.

In the past I’ve created ‘Tasks’ as my clients then the steps were supb-tasks. This works well (and I can copy easily) the issue is I can’t use the timline option. I’ve tried the ‘blocking’ feature which sorta works…but I really need the timeline feature to be able to be used.

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Currently you cannot just copy a section, however there are some workarounds:

Also you might wanna upvote this existing feedback request thread.


I tried this, I dragand dropped into the new project…and it worked 1 time. Now it’s not lettting me do it anymore It’s just a red circle with a dash through it. Any thoughts?

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Requesting an update on this feature as it seems no progress has been made.


Asana developers - this post is from 2017 and we’re in 2023! How is this not implemented yet and it’s not even in the pipeline? This is such a basic feature that should be functioning


we want section templates!!!


I want to duplicate a section with all tasks & dependencies. One of our divisions has different jobs but each job follows the same procedures, different timelines & dates. But we could have 140 sections with each section having 8 tasks all dependent based.
I would like to copy a section keeping everything in tact, then I just change the start date and hopefully the following dates would change based on the information there.