Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section

Really really really would like to see some action on this item. This thread started in May 2017. That’s over 3 years ago!!!

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Just another voice requesting this functionality.


Yes, this would be great. My other suggestion would be to enable us to create a project from a section similarly to how we can make a task into a project.

Did this ever get addressed. I still don’t see how you can duplicate a section with all the tasks easily without duplicating each task and then dragging it into a new section. I use the program for a construction company primarily to ensure the building of the houses get done on time and it would be nice to be able to duplicate a section with all its tasks every time we start a new house. We build about 80-100 houses a year so to have to manually go in and duplicate each task and drag to a new section is a pain.

Also in need of the ability to copy sections! Does Asana support ever read these requests and take note?

I also need this functionality.