Ability to change how days passed are counted

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I currently have a high priority task staring me in the face. When I went to grab assets from the Asana task this morning I noticed the information “5 days ago” under the last communication I had about this get-it-done-yesterday task. It didn’t make feel good! I thought, “wow! Has it seriously been 5 days and I haven’t made needed progress on this?” Then I realized it was counting the weekend. So, in reality, only 2-3 days had passed, which was much more reassuring.

It occurred to me that it would be nice to be able to change how Asana counts days based on your agreed upon work culture - does your organization regularly work weekends, or not? Is it important to count those weekend days as time elapsed on a project or is it honestly worse for your mental health to do that? This could be a very culture-positive, mental-health positive feature, and one that organizations might find empowering in terms of physically demonstrating support for their workers personal lives and well-being. Sure, it’s small, but small doesn’t mean empty.

Looking at other forum topics, it sounds like this would work well with the ability to change how the weekend is allocated. For instance, for our friends in the Middle East.


Hi @Emily_Taylor,

Thanks for this post. I see where you are coming from. Was the task in question a recurring task or a one time?

If it is recurring, there is the ability to omit weekends. I have attached a screenshot below for your convenience.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much! I’ll mention this to my team. It was a one off task. Perhaps there’s a way to set this up for those as well?

At this time, I do not believe there is a capability that you can exclude one-off tasks from weekends. It is more manual and if you or someone else is assigning tasks, it would have to be a conscious effort (for now) to do this.

I have a couple of suggestions that you may find helpful:

  1. Viewing your tasks in Calendar View. There is the ability to turn weekends off in calendar view which gives you greater visibility

  2. Creating rules that alert you when a task is overdue on a certain day. For example:

Trigger: Task is Overdue by 2 days
Action: Comment @Emily_Taylor , please take action, your task is overdue.

Hope this helps!

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