Ability to change comment sort order


Lots of my guest clients struggle to see the newest comments. For many it’s more intuitive to have newest at the top.


@Matt_Healy Thanks for this feedback. Are you familiar with the pinning feature? You’re able to pin an important comment at the top of the comments list by selecting Pin to Top. This could be a useful workaround for your team if there are important comments that you’d like to draw people’s attention to.


I wasn’t, thanks for the tip!


I would like to suggest there be a setting that allows the admin to choose if new comments go at the bottom or the top


Hello, Our company would benefit from the ability to choose the sort order of the comments for all projects. The pin feature is handy, but our team would prefer to have the ability to sort them. Thank you!


Would love to have this option too … please add to your feature list. Thanks.


Was there any resolution on this sort order for comments. Pinning is not a good option for seeing the latest thread items…only one item. Currently, we must read everything to find the latest comments…which is a lot of wasted time. Any plans to fix this? It is a really painful experience not being able to see the latest comment first and having re-read from the beginning.


Hi Vinay,
We’re not able to provide a specific timeline. However, if you’re interested in how we gather your feedback and build our product roadmap, take a look at this post: **Read this before posting** How you can give feedback and what we do next


I really would like to be able to have the newest comments show up first – we are having a hard time scrolling down to older comments.