Ability to buy only one seat when upgrading to preminum/business

As a contractor, most of the collaboration on my projects are done by guests from companies I work with.

That being said I only need one seat (myself) so that I can organize my clients projects and goals and portfolios will help me a lot to keep organized.

Given this scenario / use case. Being able to buy only one seat is super important, otherwise I’d have to pay double the price to access features I need / want to use.

Hi @Gilberto_G_Garcia_Jr, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! We recently introduced a premium and business option for teams of 2, 3, and 4 people.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated if we have any updates for single seat plans in the future! :slight_smile:

Can you reach out to me privately (siebmanb@gmail.com) I might have a solution I want to run by you.

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