Ability to assign and set milestone due dates from Portfolio

I have our entire ecommerce team (team of 50+ people) using asana’s portfolio feature and a huge request has been to be able to do more from the high level project view within the portfolio. For example, being able to assign milestones and set milestone due dates from the high level view instead of just being able to mark them complete.

Welcome to the Forum @samantha.young and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

We usually recommend users to create one thread per feedback as it is easier for users to cast their votes for a specific feature request and for us to follow-up on.

I was able to find an existing thread regarding the ability to archive projects from Portfolio view: Ability to archive projects from Portfolio view. I would encourage you to cast your vote and comment on it.

So if it’s OK with you I’m editing this thread to focus on the ability to assign and set due dates on milestone and remove your second request so you can comment on the thread previously listed.
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Thank you for your feedback and understanding! Have a great Friday!