Ability to add starting value when adding a new goal with manual updating

I’m setting up OKRs for a client using the Asana Goals feature, for Key Results I use manual updating to be able to enter metrics.

Whenever using manual updating for a new Asana goal, I am only able to add a current value and a target value.
However, when it is a new goal I am adding, instead of a current value, I am looking to enter a starting value + target value.

Starting value is now always automatically set to 0 when starting a new goal. But more often than not I am trying to get a metric from let’s say 76% to 80%. Or from 2000 subscribers to 4500. After setting up a goal in the current flow with only a current value and a target value, it now looks like the goal is almost complete when nothing has happened yet. See screenshots for visual example.

I can now only add a starting value after creation of the new goal by updating the goal, which takes me unnecessary extra steps and does not seem like the most logical flow of setting up a new goal.

Can current value be changed to starting value in the ‘add a new goal’ function? OR can starting value be added to this screen?


Hi @AnneNynke, thank you so much for sharing your feedback about goals. This is the expected behavior for now, not a bug, but I completely understand your point! I’m moving your topic to our Product Feedback section so that other users can also vote on this feature. :slight_smile: