A way to determine which projects are not assigned to portfolios

We typically have a large number of projects ongoing 40-60 which we group into portfolios by type and deadline. WE do most of our multiproject status updates via portfolios. However sometimes someone forgets to assign a project to a portfolio. There is no way to easily notice this problem (or at at least a way that I can figure out) It would be great if portfolios also categorized all projects not in a portfolio in some way.

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I don’t think you’ll ever have a feature for this, but I can build a custom dashboard for this!

Hi @Kirk_Macolini and thanks for the feedback, that’s a great idea! I don’t believe this is planned in the near future but this is definitely something we could consider in a later update! I’ve sent a feedback task to the product team with your feedback and hopefully the rest of the community will help us advocate for this! I think it would be very useful to organize high-level reporting through large companies. Unfortunately I can’t commit to anything today, but I’ll be sure to keep a close on this feedback and loop you in as soon as I have more info!

Hi, completely agree, I have “teams” for project types, as we often have 20-60 of the same project on the go at once for different customers. The only easy way to track them is to add them to portfolios, so a portfolio per team, per customer and for each internal project leader. Having the function to know not just if a project is on a portfolio, but which portfolios - or even automate the attachment to them…

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@Dave_Thomas, In your template (which I’m assuming you’re using) for these projects you could include a line multi-homed into a reporting project to automatically get them to participate in the solution I wrote about in your other post here: