A Visual Timeline Tool to Beat a Calendar


In regard to Project Management, I don’t know how you can get by without a Timeline Tool. What are the requirements for real standout success of a feature like that? Good software should be lean, well-focused on solving a single critical problem, it should be lightweight, it should learn from its predecessors and do better in the hands of users.

Whats out there? Ugly, Death of a Salesman style Gantt Charts, expensive tools that are hard to justify for start ups, crappy integrations that don’t work, super heavy steep-learning-curve “solutions” that are WORSE than the problems they are meant to solve.

C’mon Asana. You can do this!

I am a User Experience Amplifier. I turn up the volume on UX concerns and make products with greater affordances. What we need is an easy to use visual timeline, perhaps similar to https://dapulse.com/features/, to project the future. It would be a nice addition to the Kanban you already provide. The Calendar as it is is subpar. No offense.


I look at Product Development as addressing: the Present - make a plan with Kanban + Scrum in mind; the Past - track your progress, time, I use http://toggl.com and; the Future with a multiple timeline tool.

There is a seduction of a task-based approach. But it can give a sense of accomplishment to moving in the wrong direction.