A tool to check project and team security at a glance πŸ”


My clients frequently question the security and confidentiality of their projects on Asana :

  • who can see the projects?
  • Who can modify tasks?
  • …

And it is not always easy to give a simple answer, because the access and possibilities offered to each user depend on several choices:

  • the team: public, membership by request or hidden
  • team members with different rights: members or members with limited access
  • the project: private or public in the team
  • settings of a project in relation to the team member: can edit, can comment
  • project settings for each project member: can edit, can comment
  • some users will also only collaborate on certain tasks without seeing anything else

So there are several places to go, each with different choices available to set the security level of a project.

Knowing all this, it becomes difficult to make a simple answer to the question: who can see my project and where can I check and modify it?

The dream would be to have a tool to answer this question, which would show us for each team and project a summary of the visibility of each one, for example a table such as this one (which should be made prettier) :

I’m thinking of you @Bastien_Siebman who develops tools, would it be possible to do that?

Have a nice day

That would surely be a handy tool, especially when working in large companies! Thanks for sharing @Julien_RENAUD!

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Thanks for sharing @Julien_RENAUD! :star:

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My tool Overview partially gives that information but I really like the table layout and can definitely see that being handy. I’ll work on it if people show interest here!


This is a cool idea.

I’m not entirely sure there’s sufficient info available from the API to be able to construct a table like this, but I’d love to be wrong about that!