A simple task list board with remaining task of each member of the team



Hi There,

We have started using asana recently and it’s going great!

However, there is something which looks fairly possible which am not able to figure out.

I can see my remaining tasks but to track the progress of team I want a place where I can see all pending tasks shorted according to the member assigned to it.

Is it even possible? Please let me know!

Rajdeeo Barad


Rajdeep - I think you may be able to do this with a saved search. Click here:


And you can set a search based on who tasks are assigned to:

For example, you can add “Fred” and “Barney” in here, hit “Search” and get a list like this:

At that point you can save the report and use it as you need. You have some of the same sort options you do in other areas of Asana.


Ohh that’s great!

Thank you so much for this! That’s really helpful. I already created the report I needed! Can we somehow rename it also?


Yep - after you save the report, click on the three dots next to the name to rename.



Thx Laura!