A Place for Instructions on How To Use Specific Projects



Hi, we like to provide instructions to our staff members about how to fill in the numerous custom fields that are assigned to a Project in the form of a Task description. Is there a way to ensure that the these instructional Tasks stay at the top of a Project, no matter how the Project is sorted?

Our main concern is that when the instructions are at the bottom of a project with many Tasks, it is less likely that the instructions will be followed.

How our Supply Order Project looks. Notice the that instructions for the Project are at the very bottom, where they may be overlooked.


Hi @Lorelei_Tutt,

I’m familiar with your dilemma, as many of my projects contain an instructional task named “How to use this project.”

If you’d like for the instructional task to be at the top of the project no matter what View you’re using, we’ll have to get creative. I suggest you take these steps:

  • Put the instructional task at the top of the project when you’re in the “All Tasks” view.

  • It looks like you’re viewing the project in the photo by custom fields. I suggest you create a custom field for this instructional task called “Instructions.” Then, visit Manage Custom Fields and drag the Instructions custom field to the top of the custom fields list. Then, when you sort by custom field the Instructions custom field and corresponding Instructions task will appear at the top of the page.

Please let me know if you have questions.