A new team member is not getting notification e-mails



I just brought a team member on board to Asana, and she had issues receiving notification e-mails, so we checked under profile settings, and noticed she doesn’t even get the option to enter an e-mail for notifications.

She should be under the same premium account as me, and everyone else in my team, but she’d the only having this issue



Happy Friday, @Saul_Rojas!

Sorry for the trouble here. This does sound strange.

In order to better assist you, we’ll need a bit more information.

Can you please write in to http://asana.com/support with more details so we can take a closer look? Please be sure to provide the email address of the team member as well.

Feel free to tag me in your response once you submit your support ticket.

Thank you!


Good morning Terri,

I’ve followed your instructions and sent out a message to Support- thank
you for you assistance!

Saul Rojas