A list view for "everything under the sun"?


I have searched around, but haven’t been able to find this option.

Is there a area, option or whatever that would allow me to see:

  • all tasks for all users across all projects
  • allocated and unallocated by owner
  • target date and “blank” with no date
    I’m coming across a few actions across projects that have no owner or have no date - this way i can discover them all easily in one go and ensure that they’re covered off


Just do an Advanced Search and leave all the defaults as is. On the search results, use the gear icon in the upper right to sort by assignee or date.


Many thanks Craig; that’s the answer. Plus i can save it with the “star” logo so it’s always available in the left hand pane.
Thanks you !


Great! After you save/favorite the search results, you can use the carat ( ^ ) to the right of the title to rename the search to something shorter or more meaningful.


I would add that you can search for tasks not assigned to anyone there is an option in Assignee to put “Nobody”.