A link to load "more" comments instead of "all"


Sometimes we get very large tasks, with up to 200 comments.
It is great how Asana reduces all but 3 of those comments, however if we want to view a comment about 10 comments back, we have to click the link to load the entire lot of comments. This can sometimes become difficult to use. It would be good if we had a link to load just 10 more comments, in addition to the link to load all comments.
Also, it is impossible to search a large thread using Ctrl-F to find a keyword, as large comments aren’t shown in full, and there appears to be no other way to search for text within a task’s comments, and know exactly where that text is situated within the task.

Comments -- "See More Comments" option instead of "See All Comments" (or in addition to "see all" option)

We have the same issue as Charliee has described. When I click on “more comments” it will load all comments and take me back to the top while I only needed to review the last few comments.