💡 A bothering situation does not require a bothering task

We’ve all been there. Something is bothering us and we create a task about it.

In my case it was that my computer no longer allowed me to read and send SMS without picking up my phone. I created a task « Fix SMS on laptop ». And every day I was seeing the task. And that reminded me it did not work. And every time I received an SMS and could not read it on the computer, it reminded me again.

The thing is: I don’t need a task. When that becomes too annoying, I’ll do something on the spot. A bothering situation does not require a bothering task. Give that situation a chance to resolve itself, or yourself to adapt.

PS: I am still not sure I fixed the problem, I sometimes get SMS and sometimes I don’t. I hate it, but not enough to actually spend time to fix it :slightly_smiling_face:


I hear you! I have some past due personal reminder tasks that I don’t think I needed to create! :sweat_smile:

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It’s weird that I have another to-do list app beside Asana.

I use ticktick for 2 simple reasons (which I wish Asana would implement one day)

  • Smart parsing
    If I write ‘Buy groceries tomorrow 2pm’, it will set the task name ‘Buy groceries’ and automatically set the due date to tomorrow and due time at 2pm. Very efficient and removing additional steps of creating due date.
  • mobile notification on due date & time.

You’re right @Bastien_Siebman I just realized there are tasks that sit there in my ticktick for 90+ days now :joy:.

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That is so weird indeed to use another app :slight_smile: but I get it, your two features are indeed missing in Asana.

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Another great post, @Bastien_Siebman. So, so true. I have fallen victim to the same. The key is definitely to do something about it OR stop caring! Very rarely does the bothering task for the bothering situation force me to care enough to fix the problem. There are instances where I reach a breaking point and I jump to action but most times I don’t and it is never worth the added weight of seeing that incomplete task constantly!

@Leonarce I use Apple Reminders for that same reason. If Asana included those features, I probably would merge my systems. BTW, are there #productfeedback threads for these?

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I don’t think so; there is this thread but it’s in Tip and Tricks (maybe should be moved, I had suggested that at one point in it?):

I moved this thread: Set due date in description: Smart due date / parsing to the #productfeedback category! :slight_smile:Thanks @Phil_Seeman