A better Dashboard for high level overview



I too am a new user (though have tried out the freemium version in the past). I started using it because I was annoyed with the microsoft equivalents and how they failed to integrate with their own products!
One thing that attracted me to asana was teh dashboard, which I had assumed would give you a quick summary of all tasks in different projects across our organisation.
Having now set up 6 projects with various tasks in it, I have found that it does not do that at all! It just tells you how many tasks are outstanding and their due date, then you appear to have to open each individual project to get task details! Even if you use the google sheet option is does not give an across the board task summary! With respect, surely there should be a facility to see all the tasks in each project in one place!
and the reports - why on earth cant I get a report for all tasks assigned to everyone?
Bloody hell, I honestly thought Asana was going to be heaps more sophisticated than the MS equivalents. Unfortunately, it’s only when you go to the trouble of migrating everything over that you find out that there are (oh so obvious) shortcomings! Surely it is very obvious that at least an administrator/owner (and indeed some other team members) would want and need an overview of all ongoing tasks regardless of who created them or to whom they have been assigned?


What about the number of overdue tasks?. This is a neat feature of the google sheets reporting off of dashboard that would be great to see in the progress box native. Further, the google sheets feeding a reporting tools would be more functional if you could have more than one dashboard.


What I’d like to see is a customizable dashboard with multiple options to choose from:

  1. With the same ease as the button ‘add project summary’ I would like to be able to select a custom field on which I want to see a summary. This would create a cross-project view that zooms in on my selected custom field.
  2. In addition to that I like the idea of using a number as Y-axis as a scale. In this way I can make a graph that contains story points as a scale instead of the number of tasks.
  3. As third I’d like to be able to flip the graph to make a burndown chart.

All these features would fit in the concept of customizable dashboard. Would be an excellent premium functionality that fits the current ease of use of Asana.


Multiple Dashboards. I’ve been lurking here for a while watching for other solutions but have yet to find a good fit. Like many have mentioned, multiple teams with multiple projects and upper management who want to have an overview of a certain group of projects and moments later would like an overview of some other group of projects. constantly adding and removing projects from my dashboard in order to generate the report they want is time consuming and a bit silly.


Hi Klaas,

You can do most, if not all of that with the Screenful add-on:

  1. You can set up a dashboard filtered by a custom field, see https://screenful.com/asana/custom-fields/

  2. You can create graphs with custom field values as the unit, see https://screenful.com/asana/assigning-estimates-to-asana-tasks/

  3. You can get a burndown chart for your Asana project, see https://screenful.com/burndown-chart-for-asana/

Give it a try or let me know if you want to learn more!


@Peter_Skjoldager and @Alexis, this is a great thread. Did you ever find a solution for connecting projects and tasks to strategic goals or other organizational objectives? Our small charitable foundation is new to Asana, and this feature is the one thing I am hoping it will do for us in addition to providing task management. Thanks!


For managing a Program of work, I need to manage a group of projects across different hierarchical teams. I believe the best practice way of doing this is to create a “Team” (in my case, “Apps”) that includes all Apps projects, and invite any colleagues needed to complete them.

Although this gives me a central place to manage my program of work, I don’t have an easy way to communicate Apps program progress to stakeholders. While Dashboards is useful to an extent, every Stakeholder needs to build their own dashboard, and dashboard organisation is limited.

I want to set up a shared “Team” dashboard so that senior management doesn’t have to do this individually (they don’t have the time, so it won’t happen otherwise)

I want to organise a shared “Team” dashboard so that a hierarchy of importance or delivery schedule is clear (I believe a column layout for a Dashboard, like a Board project, would be fantastic)

I want to use the Dashboard features for the “Team” dashboard so that I can take advantage of Status Updates, Trafic Lights and Email Summaries, and so that I do not have to manually repeat this 10-20 times across every project in a manual admin-heavy workaround (such as a Project of References to Projects)


I don’t have a solution (yet) I need to re-read your message, but I can already tell you that I build custom dashboards for clients, which content comes from Asana, are 100% customizable and hosted on a private URL to be shared to others.

Asana consultant, author and developer


@Daniel_Stanton, check out this topic which asks for this among other Dashboard improvements.

My work around is to use the Asana feature that allows you to open the dashboard in Google Sheets. From here I can do a lot more to arrange and format the data. Then I share that Google Sheets with the team.


Hi guys! Merging this thread with A better Dashboard for high level overview to avoid duplicates! Hope that’s ok! :slight_smile:


Our team is new to Asana too. I have been searching for the Team Dashboard and found this thread. I really hope this happens sooner than later. We pull Asana up in our meeting and look at the dashboard on my login (Admin) but it doesn’t allow us to see the Project Owners status updates. WE NEED A TEAM DASHBOARD!!! :):grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


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