A better Dashboard for high level overview

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It looks like @Eyal_Ronel may have built something promising for progress tracking. I just DMd him about trying it out and will let you know if it meets some of the “dashboard” needs expressed here. Maybe some of you may not want to wait :slight_smile:. His original thread:

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Thanks for starting these conversations, @Peter_Skjoldager, these are excellent ideas. In particular your point #2 above is the hurdle my team has identified preventing us from upgrading to premium (we’ve been free users for a while now). Without the ability to tag (or better, create custom fields to categorize) and then sort projects, the dashboard feature of Asana will not suit our vertical reporting needs. If this feature was created, Asana would definitely have our business.


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I love it @Peter_Skjoldager! We will get @Alexis to make this happen if it’s the last thing we do!!! :slight_smile:


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See How we’re listening to your product feedback


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This would be perfect, my team’s been searching for the right project management tool and I’ve been trying to push for Asana over Flow. But the only thing that my lead is won over towards Flow is its ability to create a large team within an organisation, and has multiple smaller teams. So its hierarchy isn’t just Organisation > Team, but Organisation > Group > Teams. And under this middle tier, one can have an overview of the various teams tasks.

I guess this would be especially useful for large organisations (that don’t use Asana), but where departments and sub-departments want to.



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Well I already voted at the top but what’s this “submit feedback” option you’re referring to? Where do I do that?

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We need this feature, we are more then a 1000 employ’s who want to use ASANA, if you are able to get the subproject working a lot of people will be very happy!

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I would support tagging projects. My consultancy manages several trade associations that are each composed of committees. Until now, committees have each been a project, but that’s getting unwieldy. It would be great to be able to tag different projects as belonging to its appropriate committee and for the project tags to cascade automatically onto all the tasks in the project (maybe have a toggle control on that as it might not always be useful, depending how the project tag was used).


@Alexis my entire team though we love Asana and we just signed up for a year premium and want to expand is now looking to cut bait and go to Jira. We want to stay on Asana, but the dashboard reporting doesn’t work to present to execs per the requests above in this thread…any updates on customizing dashboards? We can have custom fields in tasks, why can’t we create a dashboard to report on what is important to us by fields?

Also, we are using scrum methodology with sprints. We need to be able to see burn down, not how many uncompleted tasks are left. One idea was to create one sprint board by our two week timeframe and duplicate tasks from projects in that board, but we agreed that was extra work for us to work around the limitations we are running into. Any recommendations or best practices?



@Claude No update yet on customizing dashboards, but our team is aware of the reuqest. And here are a few threads where folks discuss the questions you’ve asked!

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Hey sorry if this is repetitive but has anyone found a way to share the dashboard? I am looking to cast it on a large screen on our shop floor. I am trying to avoid tying up a subscription just for this use.

I wholeheartedly agree with the posts on this thread. My team desperately needs:

Auto-dashboards by team would be great. Right now each team member has to KNOW about each new project and then manually add them each week. This isn’t feasible, has too much opportunity for user error, and leads to incomplete dashboards (which is leading to people not using dashboards).

The Ability to Have multiple dashboards would also be useful. As the CEO, I technically want to know EVERY project and be able to glance through them. That said, I also have projects I’m specifically responsible for. To be able to create (and share) dashboards beyond my own personal one would be very useful!

The Ability to see what projects are (or are not) in a dashboard. Right now new projects get created all the time (each time a new client signs up with us). I have no way of knowing when they are created (or that I need to add them). Moreover, sometimes we’re too busy to do so. Hence either adding new projects (or catching up after falling behind) requires a manual compare and audit. With hundreds of projects this gets time consuming and isn’t feasible.

We have literally been trying to figure out ways to script work around solutions for these issues. Not having these features makes dashboards impractical to use for us. Asana, please make this a priority!


I am using Power BI integrated with Asana to solve this problem.
This will give me a better insight on what project in the team, filtered by assignee. Its task, due date. How many projects/tasks each person has? Were they completed? Which ones are not. How many? And so on.

It’s not perfect yet as I’m not familiar with Power BI. I’m planning to do it in Tableau, instead.

But for quick fix at the moment, using Power BI will do.