5 person team: Who should Manage the Asana boards?

We’re a small d2c company. I’m the founder/ceo and I have a team of specialists (brand, product design, etc). Each category, i.e. Brand, deserves it’s own dedicated project area as there are a lot of tasks there.

I’m just wondering who should be managing that board. Should it be me - the CEO? Or the Brand Director? I’d love for it to be the Brand Director, but that would require them to learn a skillset of project management and specifically the ins and outs of using Asana which would derail actual brand development progress.

Do most companies have one dedicated person who manages the entire account? Or does each department have someone who manages their projects?

@jackson1 It probably depends a bit on how your team works, do you all have individual projects or key areas of responsibility that you own?

Or are you all involved in all projects and then you as the CEO are the Key Decision Maker?

In general it doesn’t matter who runs the Board etc it is more about ensuring that everybody knows what role and responsibility they bring to achieving that project. The that person just ensures the work flows and helps call out things that a blocking, identifying where things are slipping help everyone maintain accountability.

So in a team of 5 I would expect everyone will need to be proficient in the use of Asana, if they aren’t then that would be the first Proejct to undertake. Use the training available and get them to research and read this community for ideas/suggestions.

The best course of action could be for you to set the standard and start running with it whilst the rest of your team get up to speed and then naturally let other people start taking over…