2000+ tasks breaks Projects List view, unusable

Opening a project with 2000(could be fewer) tasks separated into multiple sections breaks Asana and requires the user to reload the page in an infinite loop. The problem occurs in the desktop app and any browser.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the project with 2000+ tasks
  2. Scroll to the end of the list
  3. Error message appears on screen “Asana needs to be reloaded”

Browser version:
Chrome Version 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (x86_64)
Safari Version 15.1 (17612.

Upload screenshots below:

Suggested solution:
For large projects with this number of tasks, we have separated them into Sections, which by default are collapsed, to easily access the last section with minimal scroll and without needing to wait for paginated tasks to load on scroll.

It seems like Asana loads all tasks in each section for the user, which is a heavy load, long wait for the user and in large projects even breaks Asana User experience, requiring us to reload. The project becomes unusable for a high-priority use case.

The current loading requires loads of data to be sent to the user and then cached in the browser.

The problem would be solved and the data load would be minimized if the Asana app and web UI would just load the first 50 tasks on each collapsed section. Expanding a section would behave like normal, load next paginated within that section on scroll.

Opening a large project of let’s say 3400 tasks in 10 Collapsed sections would only load a total of 500 tasks instead of trying to get all and then break.

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Hi @JFrentz, thanks for flagging this!

In this case, I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team with the unique error code received: 9 little warthogs dance clearly.

As our Support team has access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team, they can use this code to look into the root cause of the error.

I hope this is resolved soon for you! :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you for your response @Rebecca_McGrath , why wouldn’t you serve me with that? :slight_smile:

You resolve quickly like it’s not valuable to you and then ask me to do the work? Cant, they work from this information that I’ve already shared? You have the error code from me already.

I clicked the link that you served and it takes me to a list of pages with troubleshooting for beginners. I’ve given you all the information you need to start troubleshooting and resolve the issue and you give me a route to minimize your work. Bad experience!

This error breaks the whole project for us and interrupts the workflow for the whole organisation. :sob: Please solve this as soon as possible :pray:

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Support issue submitted.
Vote for best community retracted.

Now you have a bug report with good stats for you. Asana got a bug with a bad user experience that looks resolved but isn’t, so you hide it from the public. A delayed service for me as a user with 15h, and a less supportive overall experience of Asana. Which is most important, your stats, which interface the user uses to contact asana, or the overall service level experience of Asana?

I hope you see my point and reevaluate this approach for the next user.

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Hi @JFrentz, thanks for following up. As I mentioned, our Support team has access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the tool where the unique error code can be searched.

Our Support team is equipped to manage a wide range of queries, especially those unique to individuals accounts such as yours. While we will of course endeavor to help you resolve any queries we can, we are a Community team moderating the forum and not a Support team. Our Support team are the best team to reach out to for issues like this.

I hope this clarifies!

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