16 healthy pumas shrug badly

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: 16 healthy pumas shrug badly

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Hello autumn, welcome to Asana forum, you didn’t attach screenshots.

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Sounds like you are receiving an error screen that forces you to reload. This is common when Asana is having issues processing recent requests. I’ve noticed more frequent requests to reload lately - likely due to some buggy rollouts. It isn’t very frequent that a reload is needed however. I’m sure the team resolves the issue soon.


Hi @autumn, thanks for your report! In order to best assist you, could you please confirm the steps you are following and in which step you receive this error?

Hi @autumn! I’m moving this thread to our #bugs:closed category since we haven’t heard from you but please feel free to let us know if the issue persists :slight_smile:

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