15 to 20 user price jump


We’re currently a free customer and are looking to come on board as a paid team shortly. We’re 15 users currently, soon to be 16.

Upon reviewing the costs I was a little alarmed to see the price difference which is exaggerated by the move to 20 users. I do understand that 15 users are discounted and then above that rate you’re stuck to the standard rate for users, but let me illustrate.

At 15 users our annual costs are: £898.50
At 20 users our annual costs are: £1918.00

This wouldn’t be such a big deal, if we had 20 users, but we have 16, so we’re paying over 100% more for the product for 16 users vs. 15 users.

This as a user looking to upgrade is a friction point for us, we may carry on and sign-up but equally we’re looking elsewhere. We wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for this large jump in cost.

To avoid this as a business I suggest you consider:

  • A per-user cost, rather than blocks of 5. I understand at enterprise level they like to have blocks, but for a small business this is a considerable leap in costs.
  • A fixed cost for the first 15 users. If the first 15 were at the lower rate and any user after that point was at the higher rate it would mean for a much better transition between 15->16 users.
  • Alternatively some kind of discount at the 20 user mark, to make the step up to 16 users not quite as considerable as it is currently.
  • Scrapping the discount altogether, this would no longer be a sticking point as it wouldn’t even be a consideration.

We really like the product and are looking to come on board but things like this are frustrating sticking points to a critical part of the user journey to premium so I wanted to share our thoughts from a UX perspective.