102: Project Organization Training Discussion



Welcome trainees!

Thank you for attending our Asana training on 102: Project Organization. This is a safe space for you to continue your learning with other training participants. We will post questions asked and answered during the training sessions for reference. Feel free to ask the group a question here and our experts will answer them!

Happy learning!


Is it possible to add subtasks to a task when you email to a project?


Hi @Adam_Stephenson, unfortunately you cannot add subtasks to a task via email. You can try emailing all tasks and subtasks separately into the project, and then when in the project, drag the “subtasks” onto the main task.


We had a very interactive group last week in our 102 session! Lots of great projects were built! Here were some questions asked throughout the session that may help you decide how to organize your projects:

  1. Q: What is the difference between a list and board when creating a new project? What are the benefits of each?
    A: The primary difference is the layout option. A list project will show in a vertical format with tasks and the board project will show horizontally with cards. We typically recommend using a list project for most types of projects that have a lot of tasks or those where you need to capture additional context and sort by those options, also if you want to see custom fields from the main project view. We recommend using a boards project for teams who prefer more visualization of work, or if you want to use a Kanban style of task management. You can see more about Boards projects here.

  2. Q: Can you sum up the Number Type Custom Field within a Project?
    A: Yes, you can! Multi-select the tasks you want to add up (by clicking on task, holding CMD and clicking the others, or holding SHIFT and clicking the first and last task) you will see the sum of all task values in the number fields. This is a great way to add up the total cost of a project.

  3. Q: Can you have custom fields that are available in all projects? Or does every project have it own set of custom fields?
    A: Every project must be configured with custom fields separately, but you can create a field once, and then add it to all of the applicable projects. We see customers do this often for “Priority” fields or “Status” fields that they want to see on tasks across all projects.

Our next 102 Fundamentals Session will be October 3rd at 10AM PST!


Hi, thanks for the training you just did today. Unfortunately, I joined late, and it seemed like there was a special training project where people posted questions for that session that I could join from Asana, but I’m not sure how to do that. Can you send me the link or more information on that?


Whoops – nevermind! Found the invitation to Learn Asana team in my email – thx!