101: Task Management Training Discussion



Welcome trainees!

Thank you for attending our Asana training on 101: Task Management. This is a safe space for you to continue your learning with other training participants. We will post questions asked and answered during the training sessions for reference. Feel free to ask the group a question here and our experts will answer them!

Happy learning!


We had a very active group in today’s training! Here’s a few questions that were asked throughout the session:

  1. Q: There’s a little icon that flies on the screen occasionally when a task is checked as completed. What is that/can we do that?
    A: Yes, you can enable this feature! This is a celebration and can be turned on in your profile settings. Here are instructions on how to do this.

  2. Q: How do I view all tasks that I have assigned to other team members?
    A: You can see this using a search report, almost like creating an Outbox in Asana. If you click on the search bar in the top, you’ll see the option for “Tasks and Conversations I’ve created”. You could also use the "Advanced Search option to filter this report by other criteria. For example, create an Advanced Search for all tasks assigned by you created within the last month that are incomplete. Then, favorite that search and access it whenever!

  3. Q: Why can’t I always see the sections for New Tasks, Today, Upcoming and Later in My Tasks?
    A: You can see these priority sections in the default view of your “My Tasks” list. You must have at least one task in each section for them to appear, so try clicking the blue dot and marking at least one task in each section to have them appear. You can see more about these sections here.

Keep the questions coming!


Sept. 26 - Another great 101 session today! The most popular question these days seem to be about the little unicorns flying across my screen whenever I complete a task :unicorn:. Again, this can be done in your Profile Settings under the “Display” tab. Some other questions asked today were:

  1. Q: Are there forums available beyond the Asana Quick Start to help troubleshoot problems and learn more?
    A: Yes, we have a very extensive Guide available here as well as a Resources section. Also, here in the Community is a great place to ask questions!

  2. Q: I see in the comments when a task is assigned to me, theres two buttons “I’m on it” or “I can start this by” - this feature isn’t visible in my other workspaces. Is it a premium feature?
    A: These are quick replies, and they will show in all organizations (free or premium), but they only show for new tasks assigned to you that haven’t yet been commented on. You can read more about it here in Alexis’ Community announcement. Quick replies are a great way to acknowledge that you’ve received the task!

Thanks for joining today!


In the 101 video, the agenda has headers like: “Creating Actionable Tasks” and “Prioritizing Your Work.” How were those created? I’d like to use the same feature to organize my task list better. Thanks!


Hi @Kelly1

I didn’t see the webinar myself but they sound like section headers. To create those, simply put a full colon at the end of a task’s title. The title will become bold and underlined.

Best wishes


Awesome! It worked! Thanks for your help, Mark