1 project for tasks + 1 project for meetings?



I am using Asana to manage my project and also the meetings.
To do so, I create 2 projects : 1 for the tasks + 1 for the meetings. This way, team members can add topic and actions to the meeting and all the teammates receive task creation notifications, what is perfect for team collaboration (as described in the Asana Meeting template).

This works well but it implies having 2 Asana projects for only 1 real project, thus leading to a doubled project list length.

Do you have suggestions on how to manage without 2 projects ?
I have tried with tasks for meetings and subtasks but i find not easy to deal with subtasks (no parents attributes, no notifications, …) …
A solution could be folders to store linked projects in one folder.

I would appreciate if you can share your feedback on that point.



Hi @Julien_RENAUD

That’s an interesting one. The simplest solution I can think of is to create a section titled ‘Meeting’ at the bottom of the project. People could add tasks in that section and comment on them as appropriate. You could assign the tasks during the meeting, then, when the meeting’s over, just drag the tasks into the project section above. Any other points or agenda items could be communicated through the project’s conversation.

Another idea could be to create one master Meetings project, which is split into sections by all other projects. You could have tasks sit in the Meetings project as well as their original projects. That sounds very complicated now that I’ve just typed it, but here’s an example:

This is from my team’s workload project, where we store all of our common tasks so that we can catch up on what we’re doing and what’s coming up. You can see that the top and bottom task also sit in another project, which is my personal workload.

You could do the same with a meetings project, with tasks simultaneously sitting in their other main projects.

Those are just my ideas, but see what you think.


Hi there! I certainly support Mark’s suggestion for sections and/or a meetings project. A third option to consider is using custom fields to customize your workflow a bit more. Custom fields are a helpful tool for many different scenarios, actually. I’d start with Mark’s suggestions, see if custom fields work for you, and come back to us if you have questions. :slight_smile:


Yep! This is also how we do it! :smile:


Hi !

Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:
It confirms we were on the right path : we already use a Meeting Projet so that we can have tasks sitting in the Meetings project as well as their original projects.
It works well but as we have a meeting project for every projects, then the list becomes long …

Thank you @Mark_Hudson



How about using tags?
All you need is 1 tag called “Meeting”. With advanced search, you can search for tasks that both are in a specific project and have the “Meeting”-tag. You can save such a search in your favorites.


Thank you also for this idea :slight_smile: