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🥳 TGIF: Share your favourite quarANTHEM!

Another Friday staying at home :house: and another challenge for this great Community! :raised_hands:t5: This time, I would love for you to share THAT album (or top 5 songs) that you can’t stop singing or humming during…

14 April 6, 2020
🥳 TGIF: What is your favourite moment of your quaROUTINE!

Thank you so much for participating in our last Friday Challenge! We loved all your creative and amazing home offices, your great views and your four paws mates above all! :heartpulse: :dog: To cheer up to one more Frid…

14 April 5, 2020
"How do you stay on track while working remotely?" 📖 Share your best tips to be featured online by our team!

Hi everyone :wave:t3: In these unprecedented times, many companies (Asana included) are transitioning to work from home. Since our mission at Asana is to help the world’s teams work together effortlessly, we’re working …

2 April 3, 2020
Working from home for the first time? 🏡 Here are some tips to set you up for success!

Hi everyone :wave:t3: With the current situation regarding COVID-19, we know some of you might be advised to work from home over the next couple of weeks, to help slow down the spread of this virus and keep you safe. W…

10 April 1, 2020
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